What Happened to the LCD Projector?

Last May I spent many hours making a video for Mother’s Day. I started making the video at 8:00 PM and I slept at around 4:00 AM. I was very excited to surprise the mothers in our church but sad to say, our lcd projector did not work that day. I felt sad because all my hard work was put to waste.
My husband checked on our lcd projector and find out the cause of the problem. It was the bulb and it has to be replaced immediately. The following day, we went around malls and other electronics shops to buy a bulb. We were surprised to find out that the bulb was very expensive and it has to be purchased outside the country. Added to that, we still have to wait a month or two for the product to arrive. We can’t wait for that long so we decided to have another option.
Good thing, there are now affordable lcd projectors in the market and we decided to a buy a new one instead of purchasing a bulb which is almost the same as the price of a brand new projector.


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