Hoping for a Life Saving Heart Surgery

Four years ago, my husband was diagnosed to have Mitral Valve Prolapse. On our first medical check up to the cardiologist, he underwent echocardiogram or 2D echo and we have learned a lot about MVP; a heart condition where the valve that separates the upper and the lower chamber of the heart does not close properly or basically known as a heart murmur. 
My husband works as a Project Engineer in a construction company and because of this illness he finds it difficult to perform his tasks because he frequently experience shortness of breath. Added to that, he also had palpitations and chest pains. The symptoms were overwhelming that he decided to resign from his work. 
Everyday he’s been experiencing MVP symptoms and there were times he doesn’t want to go out of the house because the symptoms distract him when he’s driving. Socializing with friends and relatives and going out on Friday nights were not anymore his priority because he felt like he can’t breathe when he is talking to friends. 
I am hoping he can have a mitral valve repair so he can enjoy life to the fullest. But the recent technology on minimally invasive mitral valve repair is not yet available here in our country. Until now, my husband is still experiencing MVP symptoms and he is just learning how to manage it in order not to complicate his condition.


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