Cheap Energy

A lot of people feel that there’s just no stopping the price of commodities from going up, more so that the Christmas season is fast approaching. Sadly, people are tired from complaining because it seems that there’s no way out of this dilemma. Many are wondering what the real cause is, and most are agitated over the fact that the condition appears to be hopeless.
The primary reason cited for the increase of the cost of basic commodities is this: the high cost of fuel energy. Fuel is bought from foreign countries, in dollars, and the price of the fuel is not stable. Thus, countries that do not have fuel sources are at the mercy of the oil-producing countries.
Most people see cheap energy as one solution that will help ease the burden of having to purchase expensive fuel from foreign countries. If and when a country is able to develop cheap energy, they will be better off. The rising cost of electricity, the high cost of water, the increasing cost of consumer goods, and the unstoppable rising cost of transportation due to high fuel price – all these will be solved once cheap energy is used.
But what is cheap energy, and is it even available? Some countries are using geothermal energy which is considered an invaluable source of cheap energy. Solar power is also another form of cheap energy.


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