Planning a Funeral

The question on how to plan a funeral is definitely one of the strangest questions one will ever ask. Why is it strange? Because not very many people would be open to planning funerals. This is but natural because people have an understandable fear for death. But planning something that will definitely come is invaluable, and for those who are open to the idea, they are one step ahead to the rest of the world. One person, a medical practitioner, was known to have prepared and planned his funeral well ahead of time. This was unknown to his loved ones, but not from his secretary who was instrumental in making it happen. The funeral plan was only revealed when the doctor finally died. He planned every little detail, from the money to pay for his coffin and his funeral services, to the people who will give his eulogy during the funeral services. In a nutshell, its something that we all must think about. Just like getting an insurance or health care, planning a funeral ahead can actually ease the burdens of those who are in grief.


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