Love for Guitars

My husband is a guitarist. He started playing the guitar when he was 10 years old and since then he has never left his love for guitars. Every time we go out, he never fails to visit a music store just to update himself of the latest guitars and gadgets. He also enjoys window shopping on online music shops like guitar-world and ends  up being satisfied just by looking at the photos.
 He had a Fender strat guitar and after a year he bought another Ibanez guitar. Another year he bought another guitar and his latest guitar was an acoustic guitar from Yamaha. I couldn’t understand why he has to buy guitars year after year, where in fact it is still the same guitar. But later on he explained to me that some music can be well played with a specific kind of guitar. He already had 7 guitars, which include 4 electric guitars, 1 bass guitar and 2 acoustic guitars. He wanted to own a Les Paul Gibson guitar (his dream guitar) but it would cost a year’s salary to have it.


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