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End Junk Mail for Free

Junk mails are actually the result of direct marketing campaigns designed to get you to buy a product or service. Most of the time, these junk mails takes a lot of our time and it can be very annoying. People thought it’s impossible to eliminate all of these, but the good news is, there’s a way out to End Junk Mail.
The Privacy Council (Marketers Committed to Privacy) aims to collectively put an end to unwanted junk mail, SPAM and phone calls. They offer a low-cost removal and monitoring service but this time they are offering it for FREE to the first 500 who sign up for their service.

Join them now as they work to end SPAM, junk mail, and unsolicited phone calls. If you are interested you can contact them at this email address: info@privacycouncil.org. Act now to protect your privacy!


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