Blessing Backpacks is Fun!

Last May 21, 2012 I had the opportunity to join the team from Concord Community Church in giving 1,000 backpacks to 1,000 kids who are victims of Typhoon Sendong (Washi).

It was a timely blessing for the kids because it’s back to school time here in the Philippines.

The kids were very happy as the backpacks were handed to them. They can’t help but smile and open it immediately. They were glad to see notebooks, pencils, pencil case, crayons, scissors and many others. Parents were also very happy because they will no longer buy bags and school supplies for their kids.

Thank you Concord Community Church for making events such as this. Thank you also to all the people who shared their blessings in making this event very successful. Indeed your generosity has touched the lives of many children here in Cagayan de Oro City.

 (Photos by: Ralph Garay)


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