Hand Tools for Metalworking

Metal is one of the most essential commodities here on earth and if you try to look around, most of the newly built houses and buildings now utilized metal structures and ornaments. Indeed, metalworking has evolved and today’s machine shops uses a number of hand tools that will help them create a precise structure that will benefit many people. Here are some hand tools used in metal working:
 • Hammers – this is the most common tool you can see among carpenters. It today’s times people also use drill hammers a combination of an electric drill and a hammer. 
 • Milling Machines –these are tools used to create complex shapes with metals. 
 • Drills – this is a very common tool and you can even find this in your DIY toolbox. You can now find hand-powered drills in shops today. 
 • Tap and Dies – these are used to make screw threads. A die is used for cutting the male part of a screw thread, such as bolts, while a tap is used for cutting the female half like nuts. There are several kinds of tap and die machines in the market today. Before buying one, make sure to find one that suits your preference. 
There are still other hand tools that are used in metal working which I failed to mention here. These are just a few of the tools and you can browse online for some specialized tools.


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