How to Win Your Partner

Married couples have a lot of adjustments to make for keeping a healthy married life. It is a 24 hours a day and 7 days a week of changing yourself in order to become the right partner for each other. That is why sometimes we find ourselves to have misunderstandings even to the least important matters. Wives tend to be sensitive to certain issues and sometimes get too emotional. One example of this is when husbands spend more time on their workplace and has no more time with their wives, expectedly the wife reacts. What would you do if situation like this occurs?

If a situation like this happens, it’s time to win your partner around. Winning your partner is like having a Victory Hair. A victory hair is like when both couples have the same nice looking styled hair, and as they looked at each other magic happens between the two of them. In the process their hair gets pretty messed up but still they look good with each other because they are both happy.

For husbands, here’s how you can win your wife. There can be many steps but these three are the steps I find effective.

Step 1: Talk to your wife and admit your faults and weaknesses. Don’t forget to mention the word “I’m sorry” even if you think you are not at fault at all. Say it and mean it.

Step 2: Spend Time with your wife. As the author of an article said, couples believe that finding “extra” time “just to be together” is about as likely as walking out in the backyard and finding a one-carat gemstone. Make sure that you protect this time from all invaders and marauders, which include the phone, work, household chores, and of course your children.

Step 3: Make your wife a priority. God has given you a marriage, and keeping connected with your spouse is very important—and it takes time as well. If you are too busy to spend time with your spouse, then you are too busy.

Why don’t you try these steps and be excited to see a happy marriage working.


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