I Love My Wife.

I wasn’t feeling good last night so hubby and I went to the pharmacy to buy some medicines for asthma. We usually buy at our favorite store where my friend works as a cashier. While we were waiting for our medicines, my friend saw me and gave me a smile. After a while, one of the sales lady said… “Where?” and turned around and looked at my husband. I was wondering what they were talking about, but I was thinking they were talking about our medicines. Then suddenly the sales lady came near to us and ask, “May I ask where did you bought that shirt, because I’d like to give one for my husband.” LOL! They were intrigued with my husband’s shirt. I told them it was from our friend who sells customized shirt. I wanted to tell them the exact amount of the shirt but I wasn’t in a good mood to talk because I was having asthma. They were also too shy to ask further questions about the shirt.

Because of that incident, my husband would probably wear the shirt more often.


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