Pick Up Lines

Meeting up with someone is as crucial as making an audition. It’s like making yourself to be more focused on what you will say and will have to say. It is trying very hard to have the best pick up line to make the other person continue talking. The first 60 seconds of your conversation is very vital because it is where you are being sized up. Your goal in that first minute is attraction in its broadest sense. You have to let the other person be interested of what you have to say. Of course, there are a lot of ways in which you can make the other person stay focused on your conversation.

You can use humor. A lot of people enjoyed talking about funny stories and have the other person around attracted to them. Just don’t overdo it. If humor doesn’t work for you, you can simply rely on your good looks. The point here is to get the other person involved and be attracted to you.

The worst pick up line I’ve ever heard was this “excuse me… you look familiar!” This pick up line will not work for me. Not unless if the one using this line is indeed familiar to me, probably a long time friend. Some guys here in the Philippines uses this line as an excuse to make the conversation in progress. Using this pick up line just to get my attention will not truly spark my interest to the other person.

What about you? What’s the worst pick up line you’ve ever heard?


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