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The Green Wonderland

What comes to your mind whenever you hear the word “Wonderland?” Most of you would think of a place that is something “marvelous” or a place with a great scene of beauty or wonder. In today’s time, we sometime asked, “Is there still a place in the world where we can consider as a wonderland?” The answer to this question is “YES!”

Did you know that Switzerland is considered as the Green Wonderland? It is one of the most environmentally friendly countries in the world. This country is very serious in its stand on pollution and has introduced revolutionary Legislation to help reduce the amount of pollution. Aside from that, you will also find this country very clean because they charges fees for their water and waste management services as well as environmental taxes which promote personal responsibility. Wow! This is truly amazing. I guess I will no longer have problems with my asthma if ever I will be living in sustainable Switzerland. It’s truly refreshing to hear about a place that is clean and pollution free.

If ever I will have the opportunity to visit Switzerland, here’s the list of places I would love to see.

Spring in Thurgau – the visitor can enjoy the Thurgau countryside in its gentle covering of floral colours. The brilliance of the flowers against the soft green of the meadows and the fresh white of the blossom on the fruit trees make this a magic time.

Fuldera – a tranquil and enchanting village of simple rustic pleasures, off the main valley road. For hiking, its green meadows full of wildflowers and beautiful larch forests are especially inviting.

St.Gallen – the city in its green ring. There are plenty of natural recreation areas close by, including Lake Constance.

Appenzell Innerrhoden: A typical Appenzell house in typical Appenzell countryside. The town of Appenzell with just 5000 inhabitants is the capital of the smallest Swiss canton. The countryside here is characterized by its green hills with the mountains rising in the background.

Lenzerheide – is a mountain resort in the canton of Graubünden , Switzerland .
It lies at the foot of the Parpaner Rothorn .


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