Me and My Guitar

One of the things I love is my guitar. It’s my tool to worship my creator, the one true living God. It’s also my companion when I am tired and lonely and my favorite toy whenever I feel bored. 

I actually owned a guitar a few years ago but I just learned how to play it last year. I wanted to have a one-on-one tutorial with my husband but he is always busy. The best thing I did was to learn it through the internet. I printed a lot of guitar chords and mastered it. Video tutorials on YouTube were also very helpful. 

When my husband arrives from work, I asked him if what I have learned online was right. Most of the time he corrects me and that’s where I got to master the guitar. My husband was very happy with my progress and he bought me a new Yahama acoustic guitar last year. Now I am using it everyday.
I am not very confident with how I play the guitar, but I am happy that I can play a few songs now. Moreover, I can now play with my husband whenever he needed someone to jam with him. I still need to practice everyday and I need to surprise my husband with my guitar skills. Who knows, he might buy me a taylor guitar at musicians friend one of these days. (ha-ha)


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