Talented Mr. A…

I’ve known Mr. A for years. I thanked God for his life because he’s a great blessing to me. One of the things that I am thankful for is that God has endowed him with great talents. I’m sure these talents are not to boast how talented he is, but all of these are given to give glory to God.
So what are Mr. A’s talents? Actually he has a number of it, but I will just have to enumerate 3 talents that I like.
1. He’s great musician. He can almost play all kinds of musical instrument but he’s more inclined to playing the guitar. He can play good music with his guitar and can probably do some trick with an exciting audio equalizer eq-231 at musicians friend. He’s basically a music lover.
2. He’s a good cook. He’s good in experimenting homemade recipes. This is the reason why I am gaining much weight.
 3. He’s a skilled engineer. You need someone to help you build your dream house? Mr. A will surely be a great help. Now, can you guess who’s Mr. A?


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