The Librewry Cafe: A Place to Read and Relax

Whenever I have the need to study my lessons, I always think of a peaceful place where I can study all I want without being disturbed by other people. I can always study in my office or at home, but oftentimes I easily get distracted with other things and I end up doing other things instead. 
Last Saturday, I had the chance to have a sneak peek of the new Librewry Cafe. It’s a cozy place to study, read, and at the same time relax because the place is so peaceful. It actually has a school library environment. 
What is good about the place is that it is open 24 hours, equipped with CCTV and a security guard. Moreover, they are serving a variety of food selection in case you get hungry while studying. 

The New Librewry Cafe is situated at the 2nd Floor of Papsy’s BBQ (formerly Cagayan Educational Supply) along Pabayo Sts. The cafe’s new location provides everyone the opportunity to read good books and relax in a cozy place for only Php20 an hour. 
Would you like to have a Librewry experience too? Visit the cafe on their Grand Opening on September 8, 2017. You may also like their Facebook Page to get more updates.


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