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Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to be invited at the Live Brighter Forum by Sunlife at Mallberry Suits Hotel in Limketkai, Cagayan de Oro. The forum was about financial literacy which serves an an eye opener for everyone who were there. 
My personal learning during the forum is on how I can prepare my financial future especially that I am not getting any younger. 
Here are 3 things I’ve learned from the forum: 

1. Savings.
I do save. I have savings in the bank and I also have small time savings at home which are kept in my “piggy banks”. To me, the ultimate goal of saving is to reach financial freedom where you no longer need to work to live comfortably or worry about money. However, if I will only rely on the monthly income that I get from my teaching job, then I guess financial independence would be impossible. 
At the Live Brighter forum, I have learned that Sunlife Financial helps people grow their money, giving people a sense of security. Sunlife believes that the more money you have, the more secure your future will be. The life will be easier and stress-free because you don’t have to worry about money and the things that money can buy. 

2. SMART goals for Saving. 
A few more years from now and I will be 40. The Live Brighter forum gave me some insights on how to make concrete financial goals. As what people normally say, goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bounded. 
Sunlife Financial, will help you estimate what it will cost and how much you will need to save each month to achieve your financial goal. A Sunlife Financial Advisor can help you more on this. 
Ms. Eunice Michelle Aton, Regional Sales Manager of SUN LIFE FINANCIAL-Mindanao shared her experience on protecting her family’s health through Sunlife. 
3. Increase Your Savings Over Time. 
If you can’t save quiet enough this time, one option is to start with what you can do now and gradually increase your savings over time. What is important is you have started to make concrete goals to save. 
Ms. Franchette M. Mejia – Unit Manager of Sun Life Financial of Narra Branch said, “We don’t push people to buy or invest in our financial plans as these are long term plans. What we do is educate them and provide them options that are comfortable for them” 
Do you want to take the first step to a brighter life? Visit www.sunlife.com.ph today!


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