5 Tips on How to Buy Your First Guitar

One of the things that I bought from my first ever salary was a guitar. I wanted to learn and master my guitar skills so I bought one. Buying my first guitar was not easy because I don’t have any idea on what are the things that I need to consider. My husband who is so fond with guitars helped me picked the right one. 
 Here are a few tips:

1. Get an inexpensive guitar. 
Why inexpensive? This is because you are still using the guitar as your learning guitar. Do not immediately buy signature series guitar especially if you don’t have enough money to buy one. Try to find guitars that are affordable and easy in your pocket. Mine was around $100 or around Php 4,000 and I find it great for my guitar lessons. Just make sure that you don’t end up with guitars that are poorly constructed as it will have poor sound quality. 

2. Acoustic or Electric? 
You Need to Decide! Most beginners find it difficult to choose whether to buy an acoustic or an electric guitar. It simply depends on the style you play. In my case, I bought an acoustic guitar so I will not be buying an amplifier as my budget is limited. However, if money won’t be problem you can buy an electric guitar and an amplifier at one time. 
3. Play and Feel the Guitar. 
My husband was the one who helped me test the guitar before buying it. Since he is familiar with guitars, he can easily detect poor tone qualities, tune problems and many others. You too can tag along your friends and relatives who knows how to play the guitar so they can help you. Also, try playing the guitar if it’s comfortable in your hands and body. 
4. Warranties are Important! Always ask for a warranty in buying your guitar.It assures you that the guitar you buy is of good quality and don’t contain manufacturing defects. It also gives you the right to ask the manufacturer to deal with any issues according to their terms and conditions. 
5. Enjoy the Freebies. Some guitars that are sold in music shops comes with a gig bag and a tuner. If ever a music shop provides you with one, go for it.


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