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National Pampering Day Year 3

Stress nowadays is inevitable. According to a 2018 study conducted by CNN Philippines, things we encounter on a daily basis cause it – bosses, deadlines, schedules, colleagues and traffic. When it becomes chronic, it can affect how you feel emotionally, mentally and physically.
So, if you feel like you have a full day’s worth of urgent tasks to attend to, if you are tired and not feeling good, I guess it time for you to have some me-time!
Good thing, Nailaholics Salon and Spa will be celebrating National Pampering Day this coming October 17, 2018 from 10AM to 2PM . Nailaholics initiated National Pampering Day last 2016 by offering free pampering services to its customers.

For this year, its no longer free but every service cost only Php10.00. All the proceeds from the event will benefit La Verna Aged Care and Dementia Village. Nailaholics chose these as their community partners to bring awareness to their customers about Dementia. Recent studies revealed that chronic stress can damage areas of the brain involved in emotional responses, thinking and memory leading to dementia.

How to Join the National Pampering Day?

Enjoying foot spa and pedicure.

Nailaholics will be giving out free tickets in all their stores nationwide. They have started giving out last Sept. 29, 2018 and the next batch is on October 6, 2018. Only those customers who have tickets can enjoy the pampering services like manicure, hand spa, foot spa, hand massage or foot massage. So make sure to visit any Nailaholics Salon and Spa near you. 

Proudly showing my nails. Thank’s Nailaholics!
Don’t let stress get the best of you. Mark your calendars now and head on to Nailaholics Salon and Spa for the National Pampering Day!


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