Music for the Soul – Top 3 Songs that I Like

by Bogie

Our taste of music varies. It depends on our personalities and to the environment we are into. Back then, I was younger I love to listen to rock music. My high school friends can testify how crazy I am with rock bands and how I would spend my money just to buy their records.

But when I came to have a relationship with Jesus, my taste of music has changed. I became more careful of the music I listen to. I am making sure that I am listening to songs that uplifts my soul and all the more honors God.

A lot of popular songs these days have good rhythms. However, when you try to dig dipper the messages are focused on sex and hate. Other music glorifies violence and drugs. Despite the negative messages, people still love them because they don’t really care at all. As long as it sounds good and feel good.

That is the reason why I am careful with the music I listen to. I only choose songs that inspires me and draws me closer to God. It might be less appealing to you but that is what I am. I still do appreciate some love songs which are heart warming, but I just rarely dwell on them.

For Day 7 of the 30-Blogging Challenge prompt, I am going to share to you the songs that I like. If you have time you can listen to these songs and share your thoughts about my choice of music in the comment section.

Top 3 Songs that I like

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You are Good – by Kari Jobe

You Say – by Lauren Daigle

How can I Keep from Singing – by Chris Tomlin

Music is a gift from God. It brings wonderful benefits. It can boost creativity and improves your mood. All the more if you choose to listen to music that uplifts you soul.

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