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Old Photographs and Memories

Looking at old photographs brings us memories and makes us feel nostalgic. As photographers would say, your photos are your memories. They are your family’s future point of reference to your life. Back in the day, we don’t take pictures that often. The only time we’ll have one is during school events. My mother had kept a few old photos of myself. Today, I am sharing them for Day 3 of the 30-Day Blog Challenge – Old photos of myself.

Old Photo #1: A Princess in the Making

This photo was taken when I was 4 years old and that little boy is my brother. It was for a fund-raising event in our school and I am the 12th Princess. I have lots of happy memories with my brother during preschool.

Old Photo #2 : Preschool – With Honors

This photo was my brother’s graduation in Kindergarten. He was the class valedictorian. While me on the other hand received a With Honors and a Most Diligent award in our Nursery Class.

Old Photos #3: Completing Kindergarten

I completed Kindergarten and just like my brother I was the class valedictorian. The photo show that I was not feeling well because of asthma. Nevertheless, I was at the Graduation Ceremony because I had to make a speech and at the same time lead our class in singing our graduation song – “We are the World”. Additionally, all of the graduating kindergartens at that time wore a yellow dress in support of the then Philippine President Corazon Aquino.

Old Photos #4 : Grade School Graduation

This photo reminds me about my grade school graduation. It was a memorable day because my mom was the one who hand me my awards . Moreover, it was the only time my mother took a leave from work to receive my awards. Most of the time our school events and theirs happen on the same dates.

Are you are feeling a little down these days? Why not have a trip back time with your old photos and re-discover happy memories.


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