One of My Proudest Moment

One of the skills that I aim to accomplish this year is to develop my driving skills. Which means I will be able to drive all by my own without the guidance of my husband.

toyota vios car

So just last February, I went back to driving school again to go back to the basics. I had 5 days class at 2 hours per day. To make the story short, I finished the lessons in 4 days. For the fifth day, the driving instructor told me that I can practice using my own car for city driving. I finished the city driving course well and because of that, the instructor allowed me to drive home alone, just that I will have to drive slow. Whenever I am not sure what actions to take, I will just have to stop.

driving on a bridge on a bright cloudy day
Day 3 Driving Lesson: Took a snapshot while the driving instructor is having a call of nature.

It was the scariest moment of my life. I didn’t even noticed that I left my laptop at school. To make the driving experience even more challenging, my co-teachers asked for a ride going home. I had to say yes and thankfully I was able to drop them off to their destination safely.

At the moment when I was just alone stuck in the traffic, I got a text from my husband telling me to inform him if I am already home. He will not go home yet, unless I am home so he can easily assist me if something happens. I didn’t bothered replying because I was so focus on driving. I felt so nervous but all I could do is to remember what the driving instructor had told me. My shirt got so sweaty even if the car’s air condition was on. But, the good news was I was able to arrive home safe and sound.

It was one of my proudest moment. I realized that if I want to accomplish something, I have to decide to do it no matter how much it frightens me. This experience has taught me to face my fears and don’t let get fear get the best of me. So, whenever there are challenging tasks ahead of me, I have to remind myself not to be fearful, I have to do it no matter how frightening or scary because God is with me.

P.S. The next day of driving is another story… (hahaha).

Day 5 of the 30-Day Blogging Challenge done!


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