5 Things I Miss While on Quarantine

by Bogie
lonely girl

Today is day 29 of general community quarantine here in Cagayan de Oro City. But while I’m stuck at home for almost a month, I realized that I have been missing a lot of things lately. Here are top 5 of the things I miss while on quarantine.

1. Dining Outside

I miss dining outside especially after a tiring day at work. I miss eating restaurant cooked meals with friends and family. But while on quarantine I just focused on perfecting my skills on home cooking.

2. Going to Church

Doing church in these times of the COVID-19 pandemic has changed mostly for all churches. I miss the joy of gathering together as one church. Although we meet online every Sunday, but I miss the joy of worshiping together face to face.

3. Meeting Friends


On these quarantine days, I am still keeping in touch with my friends online. But I miss the real encounter, the unending chit chats and the road trips.

4. My Students

I miss my students cuteness. I miss their innocent looks and their amiable personality.

5. My Relatives

This month is supposed to be the time of the year where I spend time to bond with my relatives. But because of the quarantine, I guess the get together will have to be cancelled.

There are days that I find staying at home a bit challenging. Despite that, I am thankful for the opportunity to be at home with my family. Added to that, a lot of people around the world are fighting the battle against COVID-19 and staying at home the is least that I could do to help “flatten the curve” of this pandemic. Praying that this will be over soon.

*Day 13 post for the 30 Day Blog Challenge done!

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