When was the Last Time You Cried?

by Bogie

When was the last time you cried? For some it was just yesterday, for others might be months or years. But as for me, the last time I cried was a few days ago when I prayed for a specific prayer request to God. It was my way of expressing my deep feelings of fear and worry with what is going on around us. I prayed that this pandemic will be over soon.

Aside from that, I also cried in a particular scene in a movie that I watched the other day. It was about love of the family and it really touched my heart. I will not give you the title because it wasn’t a nice movie, but I just wanted to finish it because I have already started. I never expected that it has a moving scene and it made me cry. Haha!

boy crying

While others find crying a weakness, I find it beneficial. Way back in college, I intentionally watch drama movies so I can cry to ease my stresses away. My friends find me weird, but that’s the way I cope up with tiredness. I just cry and after that I’m ready to start the day again.

If you feel like crying today, don’t hold it. Just let it go. It is healthy! According to Medical News Today, crying gives you a lot of benefits. It releases toxins and relieves stress. Added to that, it has a soothing effect as it helps you reduce your distress. Moreover, it cleanses your eyes and improves your vision.

Do you feel like crying today? Find a secret place to cry, or have a friend to cry on. Don’t hold it, release it and let it go! It is for your own good.

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