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Every year the school I am working at is having a gift giving event. We name the activity “Blessed to be a Blessing”. It is actually an activity where we teach our students about GENEROSITY. 

One of the best expressions of Generosity is “sharing what I have with others.” For this activity, we let our students prepare gifts placed in a big shoe box and allow them to place all the items that they wanted to give to the less fortunate kids in our city. Gift items include toiletries, toys, school supplies and letters of encouragement. 

For this year, the gift giving event is a bit different. Instead of gathering the gifts in school, we went from house to house to collect the gifts of our students. We have gathered around 63 gifts (almost half of the usual gifts we are preparing every year) in all. As for the distribution of gifts to the recipient, it was also different this year. We gathered the kids per batch to observe COVID-19 health protocols. Younger kids were not anymore allowed to come, instead their family representatives were the ones who claimed their gifts. 

As for our school, the COVID-19 pandemic might be one of the biggest challenges we faced this year. However, it didn’t stop us to pursue this yearly event. Gifts may be a bit few this year but despite the challenges we are thankful for the opportunity to still be a blessing given the limited resources we have. 

You are Blessed to be a Blessing

One of the best lessons I have learned about this yearly gift giving activity is that we are all BLESSED in so many ways. Sometimes it’s hard to think we are blessed because we have the wrong idea of what a blessed person is. It is easy for us to say we are blessed if things are going well in our lives. And it is easy for us to become bitter in life if things aren’t going well. However, let us not forget to count our blessings even in the midst of problems, trials and most of all in the midst of this pandemic. 

Your blessings are not just for you, they are to be used to bless others. Would you like to be part of this gift giving event next year? Let me know by leaving a comment. 

Check out the video of our Gift Giving activity this year.

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