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Teaching Tips: Wear Makeup in Your Online Classes

Since the start of the pandemic, learning delivery has changed dramatically. We have shifted from face to face learning to distance learning. There were a lot of challenges happening during the shift and one of which is conducting lessons online. Apart from technical and academic concerns, teachers are faced with another challenge on how to look good in front of the camera while teaching. 

Your Appearance Online Matters

Appearances are important in online classes. It is one of the ways to keep your students engaged and help them succeed. Of course, your appearance has nothing to do with your teaching ability, but how you choose to present yourself in front of the camera matters. In the study of Smita Shah (2012) on the Impact of physical appearance of teachers on students’ learning environment, the result states that a good physical appearance of a teacher has three advantages: It gains respect from students, increases attendance of students in the class and helps in controlling the class. 

No Full-Face Makeup Needed

There are a lot of  teachers who look perfectly fine in real life even without makeup. However, our camera and lighting can most of the time affect how we look online. It can sometimes make us look tired, worn out and drained. Wearing makeup for your online classes enhances your facial features. There is no need for a full face makeup but a little lipstick, colors on your cheeks, plus the best eyeshadow, brows and mascara will brighten your appearance. 

A Lipstick Will Do

If you are not into makeup, wearing lipstick will surely do the trick. It brightens your face and enhances your eyes. Make sure to wear the right shade that suits you. Some would say that it is not appropriate to wear red, but all shades actually will do as long as you don’t look cheap or unprofessional. Remember, you are a Teacher. 

A Fresh Look Every Time

Before you start your class, check yourself in front of the camera. Make sure to give your students a fresh look every time by wearing a little makeup. Even famous and good looking celebrities put on a little make up for their natural looks on film. So, try it and you will surely see the difference in how your students respond. Take it from my experience. 


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