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Take a Break with Brain Games

When you can’t figure out how to finish a task or solve a problem, the best advice you can have is to “take a break”. This means that you have to stop what you are doing and do something completely different for a while. Studies have shown that taking a break during work improves focus, concentration, and motivation. 

I find this true for me especially when I have a lot of tasks to finish. What I do most of the time, is that I use my work break by playing brain games; simple games that help sharpen and stimulate my brain. Games that help me relax and loosen up.

Below are some of the games that I play.

Crossword Puzzles

One of the games I play is Crossword Puzzle. My husband and I love to play this game. Our family is such a huge fan of crossword puzzles. Way back in College, we usually buy crossword puzzle books and finish them in one sitting. Good thing, these days you can now play crossword puzzles online without the need to download them. 

What I love about playing crossword puzzles is that it does not just give me something to play on but it enhances my vocabulary. I enjoy easy crossword puzzles. Playing it online is much easier as it provides me clues and it makes me think more for possible answers. 

Letter Scramble

Another brain game that I love is the online video word game Letter Scramble. It’s like playing Scrabble where you will have to form words from the letter tiles provided. You will have to answer as fast as you can so you can complete the required number of words to be formed in the given time.  There is no pressure in this game as you can repeatedly enter the same words over and over again just as long as you have the letter tiles available to spell it. Moreover, I like the background music provided in this game as it gave me a relaxing vibe as I play. 

Candy Fiesta

I also love playing the online Candy Fiesta video game. It’s similar to a Candy Crush game. It’s a very easy game where you will have to form lines of candies of the same kind. This is also one of my Mom’s favorite games. Since she is in her senior years, this game helps a lot in improving her memory and brain activity. I also love the background music used in this game. It makes me want to dance and it keeps me awake. I find this a good game to play when I am sleepy at work. 

Additionally, you can play this game over and over again. No need to download an app. Unlike the other games where you will have to buy or pay something when you are already out of moves.

These are just some of the games I play online. Playing brain games helps me when I am too stressed and I just want to take a break from work for a while. 

Just Take a Break!

The pandemic has brought a lot of anxiety and restlessness to a lot of people. Some of you may feel like you are losing your mind. Some may have difficulty sleeping and others don’t find the motivation to work. Take a break for a while. Playing brain games can be one of the effective tools to help ease the worries in these trying times. 


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