Trails to Hike in Autumn

Autumn is swiftly coming in, which means it’s time for crisp air, crunchy leaves, and an exhilarating feeling that we have to get the most out of the last part of the year.  Hiking becomes more popular in the fall because the summer heat and humidity melt away and give hikers the chance to move around without melting.

If you’re excited about autumn hiking but aren’t sure where you’d like to go to enjoy the best views while you do it: here are some great ideas.

Before You Head Out!

Before hiking, consider what you take with you and what you need to do to prepare.  For a shorter hike, there’s far less planning required.  If your hike is only a couple of hours or less, try only to take water and a snack.  Packing light means you can move more quickly.  If you’re in an area you don’t know well, pack an extra battery charger for your phone just in case.

If you’re going on a hike that’s multi-day or overnight, you’ll need to pack a lot more.  This includes food, personal hygiene items, enough water to last you if you can’t find good water (although most trails provide a water source). Also, pack safe sleeping materials; a hiking tent only weighs ten pounds or less and can fold down extremely small. Finally, if you’re nervous about the area, don’t be afraid to hike with a friend.  There’s safety in numbers.

West Coast Trail, BC

This trail is a multi-day hike that has everything from ladder climbing to wading through riverbeds.  Although it’s scary for beginners, it’s one of the most rewarding hikes you can take.  This is a great one to try if you’re celebrating something big like starting to look at real estate for sale in Whistler or getting a job or promotion you’ve always wanted.  Although it’s an intense trail, it’s worth it for the countless beautiful views and physical stress release. 

Skyline Trail, NS

This trail is an easy, flat, looping one that only takes two to three hours to walk.  Although it’s easy and perfect for beginners: it’s also absolutely gorgeous.  Hikers who take this trail say that they love the sensation of walking above the scenery and enjoying everything from valleys to beautiful waters.  For this hike, minimal preparation is needed, but sunscreen is a must.

Plain of the Six Glaciers, AB

If you’re ever in Banff in the summer and you want to hike off some extra energy: this trail is a fantastic choice.  This trail is nine miles, meaning that you can hike it within a day, but you can easily stretch it out to two days if you choose to.  Once a rest stop for mountain climbers, this trail allows you to look over the gorgeous glaciers this national park prides itself on and take in the views of endless clear water and beautiful mountains.  This is a great hike for anyone wanting to clear their head and enjoy some simple beauty.

Every hike is different, so make sure you research the one you choose before going!  Being prepared can change everything.


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