The Best Live Music Venues in Memphis, TN

by Bogie

Memphis is a city synonymous with music. Memphis is the birthplace of rock and roll and is also the home of blues and soul. Many influential music icons got their starts in Memphis, including Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, and Aretha Franklin.

Memphis is also the home of Beale Street, which is a significant location in the history of blues music and is now a national historic landmark. There are many other attractions in Memphis related to music as well. If you are planning a visit or a move to Memphis and want to take in some amazing live music, check out these venues:

Beale Street

Beale Street is historically known for its blues music, but it is still the epicenter for live music in Memphis. You can still head down to Beale Street if you want a night of amazing blues and soul music.

If you are looking to enjoy some live music on Beale Street, there are plenty of venues to choose from. Some of the best include B.B. King’s Blues Club (the hub of the Beale Street music scene), Rum Boogie Cafe, SugaShack, and FedExForum, which is Memphis’s major concert venue.

Downtown Memphis

In addition to Beale Street, there are some other great choices for music venues in downtown Memphis. One great option downtown is the Orpheum Theater, which hosts some amazing musical acts. If you are looking for something smaller and more intimate, head next door to Halloran Centre, which hosts touring artists as well as featuring local singers, musicians, and bands.

Other venues in Downtown Memphis include South Main Sounds and the Cannon Center for the Performing Arts. If you want to be close to downtown and the heart of music in the city, be on the lookout for Memphis houses for sale in the area. 

Midtown Memphis

A few miles east of downtown, you will find even more outstanding live music venues in Midtown Memphis. For a change of pace, check out the Zebra Lounge and enjoy a piano-bar. If you want to enjoy another piece of history, check out the daily acts at the legendary Lafayette’s Music Room. If you want to check out even more local acts, head to Bar DKDC.

Other stand-out locales for live music in Midtown include B-Side, The Cove, and Growlers. There are so many choices when it comes to music in Midtown, you will need to plan a few months’ worth of weekends to get to every great live music venue.

While Beale Street is clearly the heart of the live music scene in Memphis, there are also dozens of amazing venues to check out in Downtown, Midtown, and beyond. These are a few great options to get you started. From legendary venues to intimate clubs to piano bars and more, there is something in Memphis for every music-lover. And if you do love music, you have certainly chosen a great city to visit or move to in Memphis.

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