Got Another Template

When I found out that my blog list was messed up, I decided to change my template. My old template “Birdie’s Secret Garden” was so cute that everyone loves it. I like the color green because it is cool and relaxing to the eye. But I guess it’s time to let go of that old template because my blog is also messy to look at when you try to use a Mozilla Firefox browser.

So, there you go my blog is now in Pink! Don’t you love it? By the way, this template is called “Flower Garden”.


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  1. Your new template is very cute sweetie.

  2. i like your new template, bogie :-); very simple, yet so cute!

  3. i love it and the first that I notice when i open your blog… mine is mess up too…trying to fix it

  4. love your new template. it's neat and it's cute.

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