Last-Minute Christmas Shopping

Have you finished your holiday shopping? Do you have all your gifts wrapped and ready? I am now 95% ready with all my gifts. That means, it is not yet complete and hopefully I can finish everything tomorrow. I’m having difficulty on what to give for my brothers. As usual, it’s always difficult for me to look for gifts for men. I was supposed to go out tonight to buy additional gift items but I am not feeling well so I just stayed home and list all the possible gift ideas for my brothers. So here’s what I have on my list:

1. T-Shirts – I wanted give them personalized Christmas T-shirt, but if I can’t find any, a simple shirt with nice prints would do.
2. Belts – Casual belts for my brothers will do. I find it good to give them belts but I am not so sure about their waistline. Anyway, this would be my last option if I can’t find any.
3. Handkerchief – An All-White men’s handkerchief is also nice. Added to that, it’s very affordable.
4. Sunglasses – My younger brother loves Aviator sunglasses. So, I would probably buy one for him.
5. Chess Set – This is one of my brother’s favorite board games. I don’t know how to play chess but I enjoyed watching them when they play.
I will have my last-minute Christmas shopping tomorrow. I hope I can find the best gift for my brothers.
Merry Christmas everyone!


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