May 2010 Elections

I am for Bro. Eddie Villanueva!

Tomorrow is going to be the National Elections Day for the Philippines and I’m excited to cast my vote for Bro. Eddie C. Villanueva.
I will vote for Bro. Eddie, because he is the only presidential candidate who has GENUINE love for God and country. He is not a perfect man, he has limitations but one thing that made me decide to vote for him is that he is a person with a close relationship with God. This is the number 1 criteria that I am looking for in a presidential candidate. When a person has a good relationship with God, I am sure he can lead more effectively and he will also have genuine love for the people. Added to that he has strong moral conviction and high ethical principle. Almost all of the presidential candidates have promised to fight against corruption but I find Bro. Eddie sincere enough to his promises.
Bro. Eddie may not be popular on surveys, but I believe that I will not be wasting my vote for this man. So tomorrow, I’ll be heading to my polling precinct and vote for Bro. Eddie!
Who is Bro. Eddie? Check the video below.


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