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Last Friday, hubby and I went to an appliance shop because he was checking for an acoustic guitar. While entering the shop, we saw different series of samsung lcd tvs. I was glued to it because I find it very attractive to watch. Nice resolution, nice color… and there I am standing in front of the TV. Hubby went on his way to the shop while I stayed near the entrance door still watching the TV. After a few minutes, I noticed there were plenty of people behind me who were also watching TV so I decided to enter the shop and go where hubby was. While inside the shop, I saw my husband also glued to the LCD TV displayed inside. LOL! I was checking on the TV price and some of it was quiet affordable. The shop made some payment terms that is affordable to the customers.
One of the LCD TV that caught our attention was the Samsung 650 series. It really has enhanced picture quality that even an old movie can caught your attention. Hubby was whispering to me…we’ll buy something like that! LOL! I told him… only if we will have lots and lots of money.


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