Locating the Houses

I am currently involved in helping those people who are affected by the flood. My task is to assess the houses of the flood victims and will have to find out what are the things they need so we can help them build their houses again. We are helping those people who really don’t have the resources to build a simple hut. 
 I find my task enjoyable because I find it a great joy to be a blessing to others. I am also thankful because my husband helps me and he is the one who drives for me to the houses of the flood victims. The only challenging part in my task is locating the houses. I am not good in directions and it’s difficult to locate the houses because we don’t have tom tom GPS systems here in the Philippines. The people that I met on the streets are the one who helped find the exact location. It takes time though but at least I get to accomplish my task because of their help.


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