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It’s been four months already since I started blogging. It was my cousin who introduced me to this stuff. I enjoyed every time I made some post on my blog at the same time reading posts from other blogs. I enjoyed having friends online and feel that they care even if I did not see them in person. I am so much into blogging now since this is also one opportunity where I can express my thoughts, opinions and views of everything and anything under the sun.

Not only that, my cousin even told me that I can make money through my blog. What??? Make MONEY??? Yes, make money! That is why I’ve just joined Bloggerwave. Bloggerwave gives me the opportunity to earn extra money through my blog. Blogging is really so much fun especially when you make money out of it.


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  1. wow! congrats gie!!pero murag nkalimot ka ug butang ug link

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