On Eating Balut and Durian

We were so glad to have some American friends who came to visit us in our church last Monday. We had prepared a dinner for them. It was a nice experience chatting with them, eating with them and sharing some thoughts with them. The main event of that dinner was to let them eat “Balut” and of course our famous fruit “Durian”. After we had the dinner, we told them that we had a surprise for them. They we’re very afraid of what’s the surprise would be. We served them the eggs called “Balut”. We told them that’s it’s an embryo of the duck. One American friend said… “Oh, you’re scaring me!”… and we told them that their visit here in the Philippines would never be complete without eating it. They were very sport enough to try it and they said it taste good. After they tried it, they were wondering why I didn’t eat any. Actually I don’t eat “Balut” because I don’t like the smell. But I just told them that only men like that food. I’m glad they didn’t force me to try it too. After eating the Balut, we told them that the challenge was not yet over. They will have to try this smelly but yummy fruit called “Durian”. As we served them the Durian, they hurriedly asked… “Oh, what’s that smell???” (LOL!) We told them to just cover their nose as they eat it. After they tried it, they were smiling and said it was very good. It’s creamy and sweet. This time, I also ate the Durian even if I don’t like the smell, and I find it very yummy.That was my first time to eat Durian.

I was so happy that they were so kind enough to try that kind of food. As I attended their conference last Tuesday, they couldn’t stop it but shared their stories on eating Balut and Durian. It was truly an unforgettable experience for them.


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  1. I used to eat balut when I was a kid pero karon, salamat, hehe.
    I don’t eat durian, too, coz of the smell.
    But for those who are fond of eating durian, this is usually what they say:

    “Smells like Hell but it tastes like Heaven!”

    o, asa ka pa? try na! (kamo ra, wehehehe)

  2. EeWww…i don’t like neither of the two…maau pa sila kay nikaon…hahahhah!

  3. hahah! kalusot sad ” only men eat balut” !! joker!

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