Let’s Go to Sydney!

It was time for my Geography class and my lesson was all about the country Australia. My students were very excited about the lesson because they enjoy pretend play as if they were travelling to Australia. While they were seated on their chairs, I asked them to fasten their seat belts because we are riding in an airplane going to Australia. They were all giggling and were acting as if they were travelers.
I put photos of the platypus, the kangaroo and the famous koala bear and I told them we have already arrived in Australia because we can already see the animals. They were all very happy knowing each animal. I also introduced to them the beautiful landmarks of Australia including the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbor Bridge and the famous Sydney Tower Sky Walk. They were interested with Sydney Tower Sky Walk adventure because I told them that people can have a 360 degree view of Sydney while standing in one of the edge of their steel buildings. They felt a bit scared with my story but some of the kids find it very interesting. I also told them that people can also climb on the Sydney Harbor Bridge where they get to wear grey suits.
After my lesson, the kids were talking about Australia and all its landmarks. If God will bless me to travel, I would definitely love to go to Sydney.


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