Pedicure Day

I always loved to have pedicures as long as my toe nails didn’t get tortured. (Lol!) But I don’t do it often because I’m being practical. I just had my nails cleaned once a month or when my toe nails are really not in good shape anymore. Yesterday was my pedicure day. I didn’t tell my husband that I went to the parlor and had my feet done. When we arrived home, I tried to relax and hang my legs up on the wall. He saw that my toes were glimmering…(lol!) He gave me this remark… “Oh, c’mon… You need not hang your legs up there just to let me know you had your nails done. (LOL!) I told him, I’m not showing off my feet, I’m just tired… and he was laughing.


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  1. hmm.. good for you. i miss doing those. having manicure/pedicure here is very expensive (25rm-manicure and 35rm-pedicure) sometimes i have to wait until i go back to the phils to do it. hehehhe.

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