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Organizing My Kitchen

They say that the cleanest part of the house should be the kitchen because this is where we prepare our food. I would definitely agree with this. But in as much as I wanted to make my kitchen clean and organized, the problem of chaos is still there. Because of a messy kitchen I end up taking a lot of time preparing the food, and sometimes I am not anymore motivated to cook because of the clutter.

To make my kitchen neat and tidy, I guess I will need some kitchen stuff to keep all things in proper place. I thing I will need knife storage, because the knives in the kitchen are just placed anywhere. I will also need to have plastic bag holders, because this is one cause of the clutter in the kitchen and I need to get somebody who will repair the cabinets because the doors are not anymore in good condition.

I guess this is all what I need for the moment. I think I will need other stuff after I organized the kitchen. For now, I will just start arranging and placing things in order and throw all those things that are not needed anymore.


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