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I’ve seen a lot of successful businessmen on TV who didn’t have shops on their businesses but they only had a website where online shoppers visit their sites and makes purchases. Those businessmen just work at home and will just have to wait for costumer’s order online. In this case, they have save much on rentals and manpower.

If you want to make your own website, you can have a Free Web and Application Hosting at ByteBooth.com. Bytebooth offers you the ability to create your own website all for FREE. Added to that, you can also have the ability to interact with other website owners, learning from them with different tips and tricks, discuss revenue generation or just simply build friendships. To give you a more detailed benefits, here’s what you can get when FREE of charge:

* 2 Gigabytes of Disk Space
* 150 Gigabytes of Monthly Data (bandwidth)
* Easy Web-based File Management Interface
* FTP Access for Advanced users
* Uploaded files immediately accessable to public
* Experienced Support Staff
* Custom Domain (YourName.ByteBooth.com)
* FREE for life!
* plug & play installation of over 100 scripts like WordPress
* interact with other webmasters in the community

Getting started is very easy. All you have to do is to register an account, confirm your registration and upload your site. That’s it! As easy as that. You can now send your website and tell your friends about it.


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