The Taxi Ride

Last Tuesday I went home riding a taxi as it was already late. While inside the taxi, I heard the driver’s cellphone ringing. He answered his phone and he was speaking in different Filipino language. Even though it was different I can still understand him a bit. I overhead him talking to a family member. It was already halfway of our trip, he was still talking on his cellphone. I was getting worried because he’s driving and he’s having a passenger. But it changed my heart because it was an important conversation. Her sister was on the phone informing him that their mother just died and he needs to go home. He was asked why he’s not texting and he told his sister that he doesn’t have money to buy load. Their conversation lasted for about 5 -10 minutes and he ended up with a very big sigh. I felt pity for him.
When I arrived at my destination, I paid my taxi ride and asked him to keep the change. I told him to buy a load from it so he could contact his family in Bacolod. He was so happy with the small amount I gave. Even though it was just a small amount but it feels so great to bless others.


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