Domain Renewed

I just renewed this blog’s domain www.bogieswonderland.com today. It will expire on October 18 but I have it renewed in advance so I won’t forget it when the deadline comes. I should be happy with the renewal but not until I got this email:
Hello Bogie Teves , 

This message confirms we have renewed your domain registration for bogieswonderland.com with GoDaddy.com . Your credit card has been charged $10 and your domain registration is valid until October 18, 2010 .
I was wondering why they put in October 18, 2010 where it should be October 18, 2012. Hmmmm…
I hope it’s just a typographical error and there won’t be any big problem with my domain renewal. I already sent an email to The Google Apps Team and hope they will reply the soonest. 


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