Safety First!

My brother loves to ride his motorcycle especially when he needs to go someplace and he’s in a hurry or he has to go alone. Well, let’s just say he’s the practical type, and with the ongoing and unstoppable fuel price hikes these past months, the motorcycle is a wise and practical choice for transportation. So although I prefer that he drives a four-wheel car for safety purposes, I totally agree that practicality has to be considered as well. So I asked my brother one favor, and that is, that he wear his helmet on all the time while he is driving his motorcycle. One day however, I noticed that he did not wear his helmet, and when I asked him why, he said that it was too uncomfortable; it was hot and ill-fitting. Well, because I want him to be safe all the time while he’s driving, we decided to buy him a better helmet, and I’m glad we found Bell Custom 500. After trying it on, he was smiling! I’m glad we found something he loved and promised to wear all the time while driving his motorcycle. I gave him a thumbs up and told him “Safety first!” To me, safety is simply non-negotiable!


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