Special Cleaning Day

One of the tasks that seem very difficult to handle in our school is how to maintain it clean and tidy. We wanted to provide the kids with a clean learning environment but we have difficulty on daily maintenance especially that the entire school is difficult to clean because of the huge area. To solve the problem we hired a school cleaner to do the cleaning every day. However, she can’t clean the entire place in just a single day so we opt to have a special cleaning day every Saturday. This is a day in which the cleaner will have to spend her whole day just to clean the entire school. If ever there is a need to hire additional manpower we will do so. 
That’s me doing the cleaning…
So far, the school is clean because we only have a few students for this school year. Hopefully by next year, we are expecting a number of students and this time we will need a professional cleaning service to clean the entire school. In this way, cleaning jobs will have to be divided by certain individuals and they can finish the work on time. Moreover, we can be assured that the school is clean every day.
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