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Living a worry-free life doesn’t mean that there are no challenges going on around us. It means we need to be ready for whatever may come. As I have mentioned about my previous post, (My First Time to buy Insurance Online) I was able to get myself insured at FWD Philippines. I bought KanGuard, an insurance plan to help me prepare for life’s many risks.

KanGuard has got me covered with the following:

Accidental Benefit (Financial Support for the Family)

 ₱500,000 cash benefit in case of accidental death up to age 55.

Disability Benefit (Disability Support)

P500,000 cash benefit in case a person becomes permanently disabled due to a terror attack. Disability means total and irreversible loss of sight to both eyes, total and irrecoverable loss of hearing in both ears, total and permanent inability to use both hands or both feet, total and permanent inability to use one hand and one foot and third degree burns affecting at least 20% of your skin.

Surrender Benefit (Cash Value of Your Plan)

You will be paid with the cash value of your policy if you wish to end it before its expiry date.


When you buy a KanGuard insurance plan today, you will get a 1-year Assist America global emergency services. You will have the access to emergency assistance when you travel at least 150 km from your home. There’s also a 24/7 coordination with experienced clinicians, admission to qualified hospitals, emergency medical attention and more.

For only P1,799 a year, live worry-free with KanGuard. now and be protected wherever you are in the world.


I tell you not to worry about your life. Don’t worry about having something to eat, drink, or wear. Isn’t life more than food or clothing? Look at the birds in the sky! They don’t plant or harvest. They don’t even store grain in barns. Yet your Father in heaven takes care of them. Aren’t you worth more than birds? – Matthew 6:25-26


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