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My First Time to Buy an Insurance Online

I have been hearing a lot of bad news lately. News about accidents, killings, and the most recent was the death of a friend’s husband. While contemplating about the events that took place, I can’t help but think and worry about the fact that wherever I go, I am not safe anymore.

It is this very reason that I have decided to buy myself an insurance. I found FWD Life Philippines online and I like it because I don’t have to deal with paper works and it is not complicated at all. 

I bought the KanGuard, an insurance policy to help me prepare for life’s many risk. The insurance coverage is good for one year and it only cost P1,799 (P150/month). Affordable isn’t it?

Here’s how you can purchase Kanguard online at FWD insurance in 3 easy steps:

  1. Visit Shop@FWD
Click on the Buy Now button to purchase your desired insurance.

2. Choose a Kandu Plan and Enter your details

Make sure to provide your exact details. In this section you will also have to provide a scanned copy of your proof of identity (ID, passport and etc.)

Make sure to complete all the required details.

3. Confirm and Pay

Make sure that you have filled out the correct information. You can easily pay your insurance through a credit card or a debit card. Once payment is successful a confirmation will be provided. Expect a welcome email and SMS.

I’m happy to share this to you because I find this very easy and convenient. This is a good start to secure myself and my family and with God’s grace, I “CAN DO” the things that I want with no worries.

“I can do all things through CHRIST who gives me strength” – Philippians 4:13


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