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Weekend Snapshot # 8 : Sunset

I like to gaze at the beauty of the sunset or sundown (in some American English dialects) becuase of it’s bright colors.. the shades of red and orange are so vibrant and are lovely to look at. I took this picture last Saturday while I was riding the car, I asked my husband to slow down co’z I like to take a picture of the sunset… good thing, the traffic light is still red. I remember when I was still in gradeschool, my grandma will not let me go out of the house when the skies are yellow or orange, because according to her it is the time where bad spirits are coming out… I don’t know if there’s truth in it but I guess that’s what their parents had told them a long, long time ago. But whatever my grandma says, I love to go out of the house and look at the clouds changing it’s colors.


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  1. Oh what a nice shot you got. Thanks for sharing…
    Mine is up too:
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  2. i love sunset too! have a great week ahead! 🙂

  3. the first thing I saw was the jollibee signage..heheheh!! sige lng gamay nlng and I can eat the beef steak, fried chiken with gravy and their burger.:)Kmusta na?

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