An Astronaut and a Pilot?

Nope! nope! my hubby is not an astronaut. (LOL!) I made this using a Photo Fun software to make my husband smile because he was irritated with the slow internet connection we had. What makes him mad is that, this is always happening… So, to make him cool down a bit, I made this and I show it to him. He was laughing… and said.. “Oh, the hands and the head are not in proportion. I said, never mind I just want to make you smile. I also added, do you want to see yourself as a pilot? Here it is… and he smiled again and said, why are you always making fun of me? (LOL!). I will also have to make fun of you, he said. So better get ready with my revenge… ha.ha.ha. Thank God, he forgot about the slow internet connection.


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  1. mas angayan si kuya tonypet mag pilot.hehehehe

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