Domain or Shoes?

by Bogie
Last Sunday as we were going to church, my husband took noticed of my noisy high heeled shoes. “Why are your shoes so noisy?.. Will you please walk properly..” He said. I told him that my shoes are already damaged… (slightly damaged) He just looked at my shoes and kept silent. By the way, these shoes were his gift to me when we were not yet married, probably 3 years ago. Even though it’s damaged but I still like to use it because it’s very comfortable to my feet.

At night, we were talking about my blogging career and I asked him to please buy me a domain for my blog, coz I couldn’t purchase it using paypal. He told me, which one you like me to buy for you? A new domain or a new pair of shoes? I hurriedly answered… BOTH! (lol) He smiled and told me… “Oh no…. can’t!!!

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janet October 14, 2008 - 2:18 pm

domain first then shoes. hehehe. you get the domain, you earn more, you can buy more shoes. how’s that for a deal? 😉

Phebie October 15, 2008 - 2:04 am

I noticed that one too last sunday, for sure wala na ang rubber sa takong sa shoes…hahahha! peace! Domain nalang unaha gie…


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