Whitewater Rafting Experience

When I was working in the University, my co-workers planned for a year-end outing. They planned to have a whitewater rafting adventure and all were excited to join except me. All gears, equipments and supplies needed for this activity are all prepared. As an asthmatic person, I’m not so excited about having outdoor activities or adventures. I just told them that I can’t join because of my asthma.
The scheduled date for the activity came and all of them went. I just stayed at home and still wondering if they enjoyed the activity. One of my co-worker called me and asked me how am I doing. As I talked to my officemate in the phone I could hear my other co-workers yelling and shouting and sounds like they really had fun. At the back of my mind I said, “Oh, I wish I was there!”

When all are back to work, they couldn’t forget all their exciting moments together. They happily watch all the photos they took and posted it on their friendster account. As I look at their photos, I felt like it’s really fun to go in that kind of adventure. Well, it’s never too late to try; I will have my whitewater rafting experience one of these days.


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