Copper Jewelry

by Bogie
According to an old folk remedy, copper is said to be good for healing Arthritis, sore throats and a variety of other ailments. Copper is an essential nutrient, playing a vital role in keeping bones, skin, brain, blood vessels and immune system strong and healthy. Copper (Much like its cousin silver) also has anti-bacterial properties useful in slowing the spread of illnesses. That is why, a lot of people wanted to have a jewelry that is made of copper particularly copper bracelets. Aside from the health benefits, copper is also inexpensive compared to Silver. Although, modern science hasn’t provided any specific health benefits of copper jewelry but many still want to purchase it from a trusted jewelry store for fashion use. You can check out unique designs and different colors of copper jewelries of your choice at Archmaille Designs.

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Melanie February 1, 2009 - 7:02 am

Very interesting! I knew magnetic beads were good for pain relief, but had not heard this about copper. So glad you shared.

Thanks for visiting me last week for Thankful Thursday!


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